Sunday, January 6, 2013

So...I kinda dropped the ball....again

The holidays are always busy and I got  more caught up enjoying the time with my girls and this fell the side. So here is a synopsis.

We made salt dough ornaments, we forgot to paint them with year, so we will paint them next year to put on our tree.

Amalie made a Hello Kitty cookie house.

The girls also went through their rooms and got together toys that they don't play with anymore or that they are too old for and donated them.

Here is Amalie putting out milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. 

She also drew him a picture.

Delanie was very happy to get some bath toys

Amalie got the new Ice Age movie,

and more easy refills.

This is one of the gifts that Amalie made for us at school.

Delanie with her first set of smaller legos

Chris helped Amalie put together her Harry Potter lego kit.

Amalie got a bike from Santa

Delanie loves her new Lalaloopsy doll.

One of the sets of doll diapers and wipes I made for the girls.

Delanie sitting in her pile of gifts at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

It took her a long time to open all of her gifts.

Amalie got a lot of new projects.

I made a series of quilts for my Aunts (my dad's sisters) I included pictures of my dad. This is the one I made for my Aunt Hiedi

This one was for my Aunt Dawn.

And this one was for my Aunt Pat

For my mom I made blanket out of my dad's t-shirts and I also included a picture of my dad in this one too.

I made the Chiefs rag quilt for my dad's younger brother, my Uncle Bobby.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Continuing Advent.

Advent Day 4

Today we picked out Christmas Pajamas for the girls. Pretty simple and fun

Advent Day 5

We made our Christmas lists to Santa, I got these little fill-in list from

Here is Delanie's list, I started to fill it in for her, but she just wanted to draw on the paper, so that's what she did.

This is Amalie's list, she wrote in that she wants an airplane, a baby doll, and an iPod.

Advent Day 6

This year I decided to dive deeper into my German heritage and do St. Nikolaus Day. when I was a kid, we would clean our shoes on the 5th, and leave outside our bedroom while we slept. St. Nikolaus would come and fill our shoes with candy and small toys. So I found some really cute star wars slippers and got the girls their yearly ornament, and some chocolate coins. 

This is Amalie's ornament, she is pretty enthusiastic about Darth Vader (I got this ornament at an awesome etsy shop:

This is Delanie's ornament; she is really into Sesame Street, and she loves Big Bird.

Advent Day 7, 8, 9

For these days I was in Arizona surprising my best friend for her Birthday, but I made things easy for my husband and had books set up fro him to read to the girls.

Amalie got this from her preschool last year, it's actually pretty fun.

We bought this one at Amalie's book fair for school.

It's just not Christmas with out the Grinch.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Starting Advent!!!!

Advent Day 1

 Today's activity was to decorate the house and put the tree up.

Amalie loves decorating this little tree. The first Christmas Chris and I had together we couldn't afford a tree, but I really really wanted one so we got this tiny little tree, and now it belongs to Amalie.

We had fun decorating our bigger tree, and I was so excited that Delanie could put her own ornaments on this year.

So much concentration.

My favorite ornament!

Delanie got the great honor of putting the star on the tree this year.

All decorated!!

The Christmas toy table with the stockings.

A bigger view.

Our advent garland

Advent Day 2

Today's activity was Santa's Art Shop. The first weekend of December, our town has Santa's Art Shop at the fair grounds, there are a lot of vendors selling everything from Christmas decor, jewelry, Christmas snacks and treats, plants, and crocheted and sewn accessories. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures there, but I can post pictures of the the things we got there.

Amalie playing the pan flute my mom bought her.

The gigantic elephant my mom bought Amalie, it comes with a matching blanket.

Amalie sporting the bracelet she bought herself with her allowance.

Delanie with her pan flute.

Here is her gigantic dog with matching blanket.

I got Amalie a "homework cup", it carries everything except the crayons for Amalie to do her homework. She thought it was really cool, so i just had to buy it for her.


My mom bought me this magnetic bracelet; it's supposed to help with balance, and it's pretty.

Here is the bracelet I bought myself.

Advent Day 3

We hung extra ornaments from the living room ceiling for today activity. I am a huge fan of ornaments, I usually buy 3 to 4 a year; which is pretty ridiculous considering how small our tree is, but I love them and every year they come out with new ones that are even cuter then the year before. So needless to say I have quite a few. We let the girls decide where they were going to go and Chris hung them up for me. I love the way it looks, and Chris does too; which is saying a lot, he usually pretty skeptical about my ideas.

This is the view from the hall way.

My friend Sarah's little girl is in Amalie's class, Sarah and I love their teacher; she does so much for her students. So we decided to do something special for her, this is the blanket I made for her baby boy. Sarah made a matching pillow. I am also making her a scarf and Sarah is making a hat to match.