Monday, December 10, 2012

Continuing Advent.

Advent Day 4

Today we picked out Christmas Pajamas for the girls. Pretty simple and fun

Advent Day 5

We made our Christmas lists to Santa, I got these little fill-in list from

Here is Delanie's list, I started to fill it in for her, but she just wanted to draw on the paper, so that's what she did.

This is Amalie's list, she wrote in that she wants an airplane, a baby doll, and an iPod.

Advent Day 6

This year I decided to dive deeper into my German heritage and do St. Nikolaus Day. when I was a kid, we would clean our shoes on the 5th, and leave outside our bedroom while we slept. St. Nikolaus would come and fill our shoes with candy and small toys. So I found some really cute star wars slippers and got the girls their yearly ornament, and some chocolate coins. 

This is Amalie's ornament, she is pretty enthusiastic about Darth Vader (I got this ornament at an awesome etsy shop:

This is Delanie's ornament; she is really into Sesame Street, and she loves Big Bird.

Advent Day 7, 8, 9

For these days I was in Arizona surprising my best friend for her Birthday, but I made things easy for my husband and had books set up fro him to read to the girls.

Amalie got this from her preschool last year, it's actually pretty fun.

We bought this one at Amalie's book fair for school.

It's just not Christmas with out the Grinch.

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