Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!! (a little gift tutorial)

Have you ever noticed that finding a nice craft for your kids to do for father's day is nearly impossible? I thought of this one a few years ago for my and Chris's dads, and I decided to do it again this year for Chris from the girls.

What you will need:
*a wooden handled hammer, i got the cheapest one at Home Depot
*sand paper, I chose the 150 grit
*paint brushes
*acrylic paint
*and some spray-able clear coat.

Start out by pealing off the stickers off the hammer as best as you can, and then start sanding the finish off of the hammer, I couldn't get the stickers all the way off so I just sanded over them until they came off, it took about 10 minutes for the whole hammer (I would do the sanding outside).

Put something down on the table so you don't get paint on the table, I used an old Halloween vinyl table cloth, and start painting.

I let Amalie pick the colors and paint it any way she wanted.

They can paint the whole hammer or just one side, if they want to paint both sides make sure that it is completely dry before you flip it over.

I painted "Father's Day 2012" on the back. 

After its done drying take it outside and spray with your clear coat. Allow it to dry according to the directions on the clear coat. Sorry I don't have a pick of me spraying it, the gift is for my camera man, and we had to keep it a secret.

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