Thursday, May 3, 2012

Save the Scraps: Pin Cushion Jar.

I have decided to start posting tutorials on little project you can make with scrap fabric, I always have a lot of scraps and it took a while to figure out what to do with them. Today's project is a pretty quick one; The pin cushion jar (you have probably seen these around). Most of the things I needed were laying around my house.

Things you will need:
*a ball jar with band and lid
*scrap fabric
*glue (I wouldn't use hot glue, it's a little thick)
*fiber fill, you could also use steel wool (it keeps your pins sharp)
*thin card board, I used an empty Cheerios box, you can also use scrapbook paper.
*a pencil

First trace the lid on the card board. 


 Then cut it out.

Lay the lid on your scrap fabric, and free hand a circle about two inches away from the lid on all sides, it doesn't have to be perfect, it's OK if its circle-ish. (If you want your pin cushion bigger then make the fabric circle bigger.)

Now try to center the fabric on the jar band like shown.

Start to stuff your fiberfill into the pocket formed by the opening in the band. Be careful not to push the fabric all the way through.

When you're done stuffing the cushion, place the lid into band with the fabric frills out.

Push the lid all the way in, you may need to tug on the fabric ends to make your cushion is more even and tight.

The cushion should look a little like this

Now glue fabric ends down to the lid.

Make sure you don't have any rogue pieces sticking up.

Glue all over the your cardboard circle...

..and place it over your glued down fabric.

Hold it in place for a minute or so.

Close the jar tight for a few hours to apply pressure to the glued cardboard.

 And here are finished pin cushion jars.

They have great uses, from left to right; ribbon scrap storage, snack jar for your sewing room, and a mini sewing kit for your suitcase. I'm sure there are more, but these were my favorite.


  1. good thinking! making one now!

  2. Megan, i'm a little shocked that you haven't made one before, you're a pretty crafty girl.