Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enjoying Easter!!

I love holidays!! It's great chance to relive all the fun through your children, and see things for the first time again. We celebrated Easter this year with an Easter egg hunt first thing in the morning (we stay in our PJs, its just not the same when you take the time to get dressed.)

Amalie was a great big sister and helped Delanie find the eggs that the Easter bunny hid for her inside.

Delanie enjoyed trying to open her eggs...

...but she did hand them over for help eventually.

Then we went outside for Amalie's Easter eggs, she had a blast finding them, and was excited that the Easter bunny hid them better then he hid Delanie's.

I had to take a picture for almost every egg she found.

Then we went inside to look in the baskets that the bunny left for them in the house. In Delanie's basket, I left baby snacks like Gerber fruit puffs, and Gerber fruit bars, and one of her favorite fruit smoothie baby foods. I don't like to give babies candy before they are three, even Amalie, who is 4 didn't get much candy, so I just gave her favorite snacks for her eggs. I also got Delanie some stuffed animals, a set of bath toys that light up, and cool puzzle that a car drives on, teething rings, and a zebra toy that has beads that slide on a wire.

Amalie loved all the toys in her basket, I did a chocolate bunny, 2 Cadbury eggs, a bubble machine, the same kind of puzzle I got Delanie, a geometric shape drawer, a butterfly toy that sticks to the wall, and two grow-a-friends (you put them in water and they grow; when you take them out they shrink again to use for another day.)

After we played with new toys, and after Delanie's nap, we got dressed, Amalie helped pick out their outfits. we then went to my parent's house for Easter dinner and a second Easter egg hunt.

Delanie found a few eggs on her own.

Amalie had a blast searching too.

Delanie found a new princess car to ride around Omi and Opi's (German for grandma and grandpa) yard on.

Amalie was very excited to find a La La Loopsy house.

Finally for bed time we read one of my favorite books from my childhood; The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. its a bit long, but its a beautiful story. 

I hope everyone else a a great Easter too. Happy Easter and good night.

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