Friday, April 13, 2012

Lady's survival kit

Friday's are my errand days, I do things like grocery shopping, bill paying, stops at the post office and all those other odds and ends. Most Friday's I spend a good part of the day running around town, and on several occasions I have found myself in a dilemma of sorts, like: not having a hair tie or a hair pin, getting a head ache, or, the worst, realizing my monthly visitor arrived earlier then I expected her. I decided that I was not going to be in these easily avoidable situations anymore and so I pulled together a "Lady's Survival Kit". 

In my kit I have:
a mini flashlight
wet ones singles
hair ties
hair pins
chap stick
glow stick
an emergency blanket
hand sanitizer
wisps (one use toothbrushes)
 and shout wipe and go wipes

It all fits pretty well in here, and this little bag slides right under the passenger side seat so it's never in the way. You can put anything else you might need in there too, that way it's always handy. So put together your survival kit, and don't be caught off guard.

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