Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Exciting!

Amalie's preschool is having a spring carnival and they asked all the parents for donations of merchandise for their raffle. I decided that I would stop being a chicken and donate two rag quilts that I had already made. And it really paid off, the ladies in the office were very impressed with them. Heather, the woman who is organizing the carnival, asked me if she could buy a quilt for a friend who is having a baby in October. I was so thrilled, I've never sold anything I've made before (well my mom has bought quilts for friends....but that doesn't count, she's my mom, she's obligated.), then I asked her what themes or colors she wanted. She asked me to make it uni-sex, but to include air planes, well I was stumped, air planes are pretty boyish. Eager to please my first customer, I searched the internet for the right fabric, and I found a great fabric with planes that were flying through rainbows. I found a great fabric to go with it, I was agonizing over the result, terrified I wasn't going to be able to deliver. But I think I did well.

What do you think??

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