Wednesday, April 4, 2012

just the beginning...

Well, I've been considering starting a blog for some time now; I enjoy sewing, crocheting, and crafting in general, I also love spending time with my kids, and finding fun projects and things to do with them (the best part of all this is that I get a second childhood!). But I always kinda figured that nobody would be interested in how I make things or anything like that; I'm a bit insecure that way, it's one of my biggest flaws. My family and friends ask me how I do all these things, and they have also encouraged me to start a blog so I can share with other people as well, so here we are. Other things I enjoy are reading, eating, running, playing video games with  or without my husband, and spending time with family.  Currently I am cleaning out what used to be our computer room to turn into my sewing room; I currently do all my sewing at the dining room table, but its really inconvenient to have stop in the middle of a project to make and serve dinner, and the computer room has gone virtually unused (except as a catchall) for about a year, so it makes perfect sense to convert it, right? This is what it has looked like for a while, hopefully in a few weeks I can post a picture of a fully functional sewing room.

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